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As agreed at the 2023 AGM on 22nd July, the Pumas are going to continue with our sponsor revenue model and going out to commercial companies to help support the Pumas. However, with inflationary costs hitting the club it was decided that memberships should rise slightly.


The new membership costs will be from the 1st September 2023.


Please make sure you set up your details....

Annual Membership

£20 per month payable on first of the month on joining the Club.

(Provides match fee, training, physio access, social event discounts etc)

Pay per play match Membership

£35 annual membership

Match Fee

£10 per match payable in advance of the match

Student Membership

£20 annual membership. No match fees.

This membership is for all in education.

Social Membership

£35 payable on 1st September 2023

This membership is for ex-players, committee members, supporters of the club or anyone using the Pumas facilities and gives you discounts on any Puma Event.

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