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Pumas Live

As part of the Pumas continued investment we have been trialing the Veo match system last season and showing the full match and highlights the next day through our website. Analysis of the game for coaches and players is rewarding and easily available.

We always want to encourage players, ex-players, Cubs, parents and our loyal supporter base to come down every Saturday when a Home game is being played by our teams. But this is not always possible every week.

So we are pleased to launch and offer LIVE PUMA GAMES.


How you access the live service is below and this webpage is open for you to share with friends, family and those that cannot get down to support. Just send them the link to this webpage.

The service is free and another great benefit for being part of the Puma family.

If you are at home injured and cannot get to the game, out shopping or have child care duties you can see the Pumas play live.

You will get score updates and time remaining in a Veo app that you can Cast or Airplay to your TV. 

Veo TV.jpg

How to receive a match live

There are a few simple steps to get the Puma Live App.

1. Download the Veo Live App from your App Store

2. Set up a profile using your email address. It is important to use correct email as you will receive notifications when games are to start

3. Once logged on go to the profile tab click on "Clubs you Follow"

4. You now need to "Follow Clubs" and find the Pumas

5. Type in Locks Heath Pumas

6. Find our logo and select.

7. You are now following the club

We will aim to open the service 5 mins before the start of the match.


Veo Live.jpg

Grab a beer and enjoy, what other club gives you this value?

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