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Pumas Walking Rugby

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If you thought that your playing days were over or you wish to use your handling skills in a non contact environment then...

Come on down

The Pumas are re-establishing a new Walking Rugby team.

Walking Rugby is for anyone (male or female) interested in the game plus wishing to keep fit.  Sessions are adapted to cater for all backgrounds and experiences of rugby.  Veterans of the game are welcome as are newcomers to the sport.


Just come and enjoy a friendly session and keep getting fit with your new found friends and team mates.

How it is played

As the name suggests, running is forbidden as is passing the ball higher than shoulder height. 


There are also no high tackles – or indeed any tackles – and, crucially, no scrums, rucks or mauls. Instead players are allowed to hold onto the ball for no more than three seconds before passing, keeping the pace moving and giving the other team an opportunity to intercept. 


No running allowed. Simple.

Walking Rugby pic.jpg

First Puma Walking Rugby Players

Venue and dates

We are running the sessions every Thursdays 7.00 pm at Abshot Community Centre, Kelsey Close, PO14 4NR

Contact - George

If you're interested in attending one of our sessions all you need to do is turn up and play!

07711 340741

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