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England Rugby

O2 Inside Line | This Rose

As England gear up for the 2023 Rugby World Cup held in France, they have continued to offer their supporters an inside line to what takes place on and off the field. See how the management, players and backroom staff all work to prepare for training sessions and the games to be played. The prize is to go one step further and bring the Webb Ellis cup home!!

All the episodes are shot and produced by our very own Puma Joel Stocker. Joel has been working with England Rugby for 7 years to deliver the behind the scenes videos.

All episodes will be shown here each week so that you never miss the action.

It is great to listen to the England players and coaches in Episode 4...

"The best ability is availability"

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Episode 1.jpg

Aired 26th June 2023

Episode 2.jpg

Aired 3rd July 2023

Episode 3.jpg

Aired 10th July 2023

Episode 4.jpg

Aired 19th July 2023

Episode 5.jpg

Aired 24th July 2023

Episode 6.jpg

Aired 31st July 2023

Episode 7.jpg

Aired 7th August 2023

Episode 8.jpg

Aired 14th August 2023

Episode 9.jpg

Aired 23rd August 2023

Episode 10.jpg

Aired 30th August 2023

Episode 11.jpg

Aired 5th Sept 2023

Episode 12.jpg

Aired 12th Sept 2023

Episode 13.jpg

Aired 19th Sept 2023

Episode 14.jpg

Aired 27th Sept 2023

Episode 15.jpg

Aired 2nd Oct 2023

Episode 16.jpg

Aired 10th Oct 2023

Episode 17.jpg

Aired 17th Oct 2023

Episode 18.jpg

Aired 24th Oct 2023

Episode 19.jpg

Aired 31st Oct 2023

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