Club Captain Kent Streek says.... "The Pumas are leading the charge to help support mens charities. 

Movember is the leading charity changing the face of men’s health on a global scale, focusing on mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. 


Your donation will help us to continue what we’ve started and fund world class programmes that are saving and improving the lives of men.


Thank you – together we are changing the face of men's health."

Go to the Puma Just Giving Page to help us meet our target

Pumas making a difference. Sponsor them!!

1st November 2020 - Shave Day!

The Steve Shave!!

Player stories why this is a good cause...

The cost to my family...


Sadly cancer and depression have taken too many of my family over the years.


When I was young I lost an uncle to suicide. Thankfully I had a brave cousin aged 13-16 suffer, and recover from cancer. But I've sadly since lost both my Grandads, my Mum, two Step Mother's and my Dad too this horrible disease.


Finally my best little mate, Oliver Dog died from cancer 2 months ago. It's probably only a matter of time before it takes me.


Let's raise some cash for a very good cause and support the Movember charities.

Rugby saved his life

George Winch (Chair) v2.jpg

My best man and friend for all my adult life was a great rugby player playing in London 1 for Thanet Wanderers. Rugby was his passion but playing at Inside Centre for 25 years took its toll and he retired at 40. He stayed close to his club and at 48 was interested when they had a Prostate Cancer screening night for all members. He thought it his duty to set an example to the younger players and went along. Out of 77 players screened he was the only one tested POSITIVE for cancer.

Thanks to the testing he caught it early. In 4 weeks he knew all about it. In 12 weeks he under went a procedure and in 20 weeks he was given the all clear. 

Rugby saved his life.

To help keep testing available for all men, give generously to this great cause.

I know first hand the pain it can bring


Being honest with you all, not a lot of people know the details but I am going to share why I believe we need to help and understand those with mental health issues. 

On the 9th of December 2016 just 6 weeks after I got married my mum took her own life because of depression. Since my parent's divorced back in the 90's my mum was diagnosed with depression. From the mid 90's to the day she became no longer with me I watched my mum, my hero slowly and horribly lose her battle to this horrible problem. I watched someone who worked her ass off to support me and us through just about everything I had ever gone through turn into a shadow of her former self.


She went to countless hospitals over the years and at times felt like a lab rat by being prodded and tested on to help her but unfortunately the depression just would not let her go and ate away at her for years. Not only did the depression obviously cause her mental health to deteriorate but her physical health was affected to, her mild IBS turned severe, her thyroid and body clock played up to no end and her sleep pattern turned at times into insomnia. 

Curing mental health isn't a pat on the back, or a chin up mate you'll be alright, get on with it or just take a tablet. I believe it's a better understanding of the hell we lose our family, our friends and our loved ones to. I dealt with all this for over 20 years as you can imagine it wasn't easy. 

I am proud to help raise any funds we can

The Final Whistle!!

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