Puma Cubs Membership

Great value for the whole season
(as of 1st September 2021)

Standard Membership

Annual Membership is

  • £90.00 for the first child,

  • £60.00 for the second and

  • £30.00 for the third or more.


This can be paid in full or spread over 12 monthly payments (£7.50 for one child, £12.50 for two, £15.00 for 3 or more).


Payments to be made to the following account:

Locks Heath Puma Cubs
Sort Code: 20-30-89
Account No: 13780287

[add your childs name] in Reference


Senior Player Discount

Any paid-up senior club member will receive annual Cubs membership at the discounted rate of... 

  • £72.00 for the first child,

  • £48.00 for the second and

  • £24.00 for the third or more.


Volunteer Discount

Any parent who wishes to volunteer for the Puma Cubs will receive annual membership at the discounted rate of...

  • £72.00 for the first child,

  • £48.00 for the second and

  • £24 for the third or more as long as they attend a minimum of 75% of training sessions.


Unpaid Membership

We reserve the right to contact any parent whose debt becomes more than £15.00, equivalent to two months training sessions.


If no communication is received back, we will remind them of their responsibility to pay. After 3 months non-payment your child will not be allowed to return to the club unless the outstanding payment is made in full, or a conversation is had with either the Youth Chair or Treasurer.

If a parent takes their child to another club owing monies, we reserve the right to inform that club of the debt.

There will be instances where players or parents / guardians of reduced means cannot meet the membership costs. We will endeavour to provide a reduced rate, and our Youth Chair or Treasurer can be approached to discuss this. We do not wish to prohibit people from playing because of financial constraints, and we will treat every instance on its own merits and in complete confidence.